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We have studied hadronic decays of B mesons. We report measurements of exclusive branching ratios of several charm decay modes of B mesons to final states with a D or D* and one to three charged pions or a charged and to final states with a or , a kaon, and up to two charged pions. We have also measured inclusive branching ratios for B decays to D and D* and the spectra of these particles in B decays. The total charm content in B decay is found to be (10112)%. The branching ratios and spectra are compared to form-factor models. We extract the parameters a1 and a2 of the model of Bauer, Stech, and Wirbel and the DS decay constant. The masses of the B0 and B- mesons are measured. The mass difference between B0 and B- is found to be - MeV/c2. © 1992 The American Physical Society.