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6th Annual Northeast Regional Chromosome Pairing Conference


Objective of the Meeting

This meeting focuses on the causes and consequences of homologous interactions, but the scope is wide and varied. Undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral fellows, and PIs are encouraged to present any work on chromosome pairing, nuclear organization, transcriptional effects, chromosomal integrity, and the inheritance of genetic and epigenetic information. Preliminary data and speculative ideas are encouraged.

Topics Include:

  • Chromosome Pairing
  • Transvection
  • Nuclear Organization and Chromosome Territories
  • Chromosome Compaction
  • Condensins and Cohesins
  • Polycomb and Trithorax Complexes
  • Ultraconservation
  • Technologies for Chromosome Visualization
  • Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Heterochromatin
  • Reapeat-induced Point Mutation (RIP)
  • Genome stability and DNA repair
  • Dosage Compensation and Allelic Skewing
  • Other New, Unusual, Surprising, Poorly Understood Phenomena

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Collaborative Organizations & Social Media Conference

Social media and social networking sites have become important objects of interdisciplinary study. "Collaborative Organizations and Social Media” is a one-day symposium which will consider the ways in which the developing scholarship on social media and social networking might be incorporated into thinking critically about how social computing may be affecting and even forming organizations. The symposium will present a variety of current research in this emerging field. The focus will be around exploring the use of social media in collaborative organizational structures.

The symposium would like to tackle, in particular, the ways in which we can use the insights of multiple disciplines to answer these questions. We plan to curate some open submission panels as well as an invited panel and a keynote session on social media and collaborative organizations.

Invited Speakers
The program features invited speakers Nicole Ellison (UMich), George Ritzer (UMD), Peter Gloor (MIT), and Jennifer Earl (Arizona).

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