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Using the CLEO detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we observe B-meson decays to c+ and report on improved measurements of inclusive branching fractions and momentum spectra of other baryons. For the inclusive decay Bc+X with c+pK-+, we find that the product branching fraction B(Bc+X)B(c+pK-+)=(0.273±0.051±0.039)%. Our measured inclusive branching fractions to noncharmed baryons are B(BpX)=(8.0±0.5±0.3)%, B(BX)=(3.8±0.4±0.6)%, and B(B-X)=(0.27±0.05±0.04)%. From these rates and studies of baryon-lepton and baryon-antibaryon correlations in B decays, we have estimated the branching fraction B(Bc+X) to be (6.40.8±0.8)%. Combining these results, we calculate B(c+pK-) to be (4.3±1.0±0.8)%. © 1992 The American Physical Society.