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We have investigated D+ π- and D*+ π- final states and observed the two established L = 1 charmed mesons, the D1 (2420)0 with mass 2421-2-2+1+2 MeV/c2 and width 20-5-3+6+3 MeV/c2 and the D2* (2460)0 with mass 2465 ± 3 ± 3 MeV/c2 and width 28-7-6+8+6 MeV/c2. Properties of these final states, including their decay angular distributions and spin-parity assignments, have been studied. We identify these two mesons as the jlight = 3 2 doublet predicted by HQET. We also obtain constraints on Γs/ (Γs + ΓD) as a function of the cosine of the relative phase of the two amplitudes in the D1 (2420)0 decay. © 1994.