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We derive a compact all-loop-order expression for the IR-divergent part of the = 4 SYM four-gluon amplitude, which includes both planar and all subleading-color contributions, based on the assumption that the higher-loop soft anomalous dimension matrices are proportional to the one-loop soft anomalous dimension matrix, as has been recently conjectured. We also consider the Regge limit of the four-gluon amplitude, and we present evidence that the leading logarithmic growth of the subleading-color amplitudes is less severe than that of the planar amplitudes. We examine possible 1/N 2 corrections to the gluon Regge trajectory, previously obtained in the planar limit from the BDS ansatz. The double-trace amplitudes have Regge behavior as well, with a nonsense-choosing Regge trajectory and a Regge cut which first emerges at three loops. © SISSA 2009.