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The IR divergences of supergravity amplitudes are less severe than those of planar SYM amplitudes, and are comparable to those subleading-color SYM amplitudes that are most subleading in the 1/N expansion, namely O(1/ε L) for L-loop amplitudes. We derive linear relations between one- and two-loop four-point amplitudes and one-loop five-point amplitudes of N ≥ 4, 5, and 6 supergravity and the most-subleading-color contributions of the analogous amplitudes of N = 0, 1, and 2 SYM theory, extending earlier results for N = 8 supergravity amplitudes. Our work relies on linear relations between N = 4 supergravity and planar SYM amplitudes that were recently derived using the double-copy property of gravity, and color-kinematic duality of gauge theories. © SISSA 2012.