The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has captured the worldwide attention of biologists, conservationists, and ecologists and has been the setting for extensive investigation over the past 40 years. Roughly 40,000 ecotourists visit the Cloud Forest each year, and it is often considered the archetypal high-altitude rain forest. “Monteverde: Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest”, edited by Nalini Nadkarni and Nathaniel T. Wheelwright (Oxford University Press, 2000 and Bowdoin’s Scholar’s Bookshelf. Book 1 ), features synthetic chapters and specific accounts written by more than 100 biologist and local residents, presenting in a single volume everything known in 2000 about the biological diversity of Monteverde, Costa Rica, and how to protect it. The new short chapters written in 2014 by original contributors, and presented here update and expand that knowledge through 2014.



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Short chapters originally published in Spanish in Wheelwright, Nathaniel T., y Nadkarni, Nalini M. (editores), "Monteverde: ecología y conservación de un bosque nuboso tropical" (2014). Bowdoin Scholars' Bookshelf. Book 3.

Monteverde: Ecology and Conservation of a Tropical Cloud Forest - 2014 Updated Chapters