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A previously proposed two-step algorithm for calculating the expectation values of arbitrary Chern-Simons graphs fails to determine certain crucial signs. The step which involves calculating tetrahedra by solving certain non-linear equations is repaired by introducing additional linear equations. The step which involves reducing arbitrary graphs to sums of products of tetrahedra remains seriously disabled, apart from a few exceptional cases. As a first step towards a new algorithm for general graphs we find useful linear equations for those special graphs which support knots and links. Using the improved set of equations for tetrahedra we examine the symmetries between tetrahedra generated by arbitrary simple currents. Along the way we describe the simple, classical origin of simple-current charges. The improved skein relations also lead to exact identities between planar tetrahedra in level K G(N) and level N G(K) Chern-Simons theories, where G(N) denotes a classical group. These results are recast as WZW braid-matrix identities and as identities between quantum 6-jsymbols at appropriate roots of unity. We also obtain the transformation properties of arbitrary graphs, knots, and links under simple-current symmetries and rank-level duality. For links with knotted components this requires precise control of the braid eigenvalue permutation signs, which we obtain from plethysm and an explicit expression for the (multiplicity-free) signs, valid for all compact gauge groups and all fusion products. © 1993.