1/N corrections to anomalies and the AdS/CFT correspondence for orientifolded N = 2 orbifold and N = 1 conifold models

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We show that for a large class of d = 4 N = 2 conformal field theories the 1/N correction to the chiral anomaly of the U(1) R-current can be shown to arise from the D7-branes present in the dual orientifolded orbifold string theories, generalizing a result in the literature for the simplest case. We also study the U(1)R anomaly for d = 4 N = I conformal field theories that arise from orientifolds of the conifold. We find agreement between the field- and string-theoretic calculations, confirming a prediction of the AdS/CFT correspondence at order 1/N for string theories on AdS5 × T11/Z2.

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