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It is well known that for the two species autonomous competitive Lotka-Volterra model with no fixed point in the open positive quadrant, one of the species is driven to extinction, whilst the other population stabilises at its own carrying capacity. In this paper we prove a generalisation of this result to nonautonomous systems of arbitrary finite dimension. That is, for the n species nonautonomous competitive Lotka-Volterra model, we exhibit simple algebraic criteria on the parameters which guarantee that all but one of the species is driven to extinction. The restriction of the system to the remaining axis is a nonautonomous logistic equation, which has a unique solution u(t) that is strictly positive and bounded for all time; see Coleman (Math. Biosci. 45 (1979), 159-173) and Ahmad (Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 117 (1993), 199-205). We prove in addition that all solutions of the n-dimensional system with strictly positive initial conditions are asymptotic to u(t). © 1996 American Mathematical Society.