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In this article, the existence, stability and bifurcation structure of time-periodic solutions (including ones that also have the property of spatial localization, i.e., breathers) are studied in an array of cantilevers that have magnetic tips. The repelling magnetic tips are responsible for the intersite nonlinearity of the system, whereas the cantilevers are responsible for the onsite (potentially nonlinear) force. The relevant model is of the mixed Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou and Klein-Gordon type with both damping and driving. In the case of base excitation, we provide experimental results to validate the model. In particular, we identify regions of bistability in the model and in the experiment, which agree with minimal tuning of the system parameters. We carry out additional numerical explorations in order to contrast the base excitation problem with the boundary excitation problem and the problem with a single mass defect. We find that the base excitation problem is more stable than the boundary excitation problem and that breathers are possible in the defect system. The effect of an onsite nonlinearity is also considered, where it is shown that bistability is possible for both softening and hardening cubic nonlinearities.