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We report on the existence of discrete breathers in a one-dimensional, mass-in-mass chain with linear intersite coupling and nonlinear, precompressed Hertzian local resonators, which is motivated by recent studies of the dynamics of microspheres adhered to elastic substrates. After predicting theoretically the existence of discrete breathers in the continuum and anticontinuum limits of intersite coupling, we use numerical continuation to compute a family of breathers interpolating between the two regimes in a finite chain, where the displacement profiles of the breathers are localized around one lattice site. We then analyze the frequency-amplitude dependence of the breathers by performing numerical continuation on a linear eigenmode (vanishing amplitude) solution of the system near the upper band gap edge. Finally, we use direct numerical integration of the equations of motion to demonstrate the formation and evolution of the identified localized modes in energy-conserving and dissipative scenarios, including within settings that may be relevant to future experimental studies.