The Honors Project

The honors project offers seniors the opportunity to engage in original scholarship under the supervision of a faculty member in their major department or program and results in a written thesis and/or oral defense, artistic performance or showing, depending on the student’s field of study. For more information about honors at Bowdoin College, please see .

A print version of each honors project is deposited in the Bowdoin College Library’s Department of Special Collections & Archives. Dating back to 1924, the catalog record for each honors thesis can be seen here .

In addition to the print version, students and their faculty mentors can choose to make their work available online in the Bowdoin Digital Commons.




Who We Are: Incarcerated Students and the New Prison Literature, 1995-2010, Reilly Hannah N. Lorastein


From Left to Right? White Evangelical Politicization, GOP Incorporation, and the Effect of Party Affiliation on Group Opinion Change, Devon B. Shapiro