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Mary Lou Zeeman


As the Gulf of Maine warms and lobsters move north to colder waters, Maine’s working water front has begun to diversify. There is a thriving new ecosystem of aquaculturists looking to keep Maine’s waterfront traditions alive in a lasting, sustainable way. One of the most popular aquaculture industries is oyster farming. With an increasing number of oyster farms developing in Midcoast Maine each year, we seek to develop a decision support tool to aid farmers in seed management. Oyster farmers can choose weather or not to use an upweller on their farm, and our goal is to provide guidance on this choice, as well as on upweller management. We begin by culminating and synthesizing data from previous literature and oyster farmers. We then use this data to first build a basic analytical model of a cohort of oysters based on an exponential growth model. We expand this model to include biological differences among oysters as well as management practices. Finally, we walk through a case study, illustrating how our tool could be used to make seed management decisions on an individual farm scale.