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Restricted Access Thesis

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Computer Science

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Mohammad T. Irfan


Graphical games are often used to model human networks such as social networks. In this project, we focus on one specific type of graphical games known as polymatrix games. In a polymatrix game, a player's payoff can be additively decomposed into payoffs coming from its network neighbors. It is well known that computing Nash equilibria, which is the main solution concept in game theory, in polymatrix games is a provably hard problem. Due to this, we focus on special graph structures like paths and trees. We compare several equilibrium computation algorithms at an implementation level. Two main algorithms compared are a fully polynomial-time approximation scheme (FPTAS) algorithm by Ortiz and Irfan [2017] and another algorithm by Kearns et al. [2001]. We evaluate the applicability of these algorithms based on the size of the network and the accuracy level desired.


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