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This data set represents a first attempt to identify the North American colleges and universities that offer Italian courses at any level and also have support for digital humanities (DH) pedagogy or scholarship at any level. The list of schools with Italian programs was developed using the American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI) list of undergraduate and graduate programs and College Source as of July 2016. The list was supplemented by checking if institutions listed with CenterNet (for Digital Humanities Centers) also have Italian programs. Overall, 10% of the Italian programs identified were not included in the AATI list, from the level of service courses through Masters degree. A search of each institution’s website was then performed to determine the level of DH resources available. Based on this collected data, 70% of North American colleges and universities that offer Italian also offer support for digital humanities courses or research through a center/lab, courses, major or minor programs, certificates, or graduate programs. A supplemental code sheet is available. Further analysis is provided in the author’s working paper “Digital Humanities & Italian Studies: Intersections and Oppositions” that is part of the State of the Discipline symposium organized by Wellesley College, October 1, 2016. (The data has been updated since the circulation of that paper, so numbers may not match.) The topic will be addressed in more detail based on the related survey and presentation at MLA 2017.

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DHItalianData_Code_Sheet.pdf (17 kB)
Description of abbreviations used in the spreadsheet.