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Public school teachers in the United States are often constrained in terms of their ability to express their moral views on issues that affect their schools, classrooms, students, and teaching practices, but are able to express their ideas, concerns, and frustrations as private citizens using social media. Previously we developed the Tweet Capture and Clustering System (TCCS) in order to explore how teachers use Twitter, looking at word usage among a group of teacher tweeters, and attempting to find clusters of teachers who have similar patterns of word usage in their tweets. In the work reported here, we look at teacher tweeters across the 12 months of 2016, seeking to understand how the clusters and the words used in these clusters vary from month to month. In this initial look at the dynamics of the system, we see some evidence of word usage changing across the 12-month period. This initial work suggests that extending TCCS to have temporal topic tracing as a core capability will be a meaningful addition to of the system. Copyright held by the author(s).