Interview with Paul Todd (Class of 1958) by Ben Bousquet

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Ben Bousquet (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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In this interview, Paul Todd (Class of 1958) recounts how his upbringing in Brewer, Maine, contributed to his decision to enroll at Bowdoin, as well as the College’s influence on his interest and eventual career in physics. He discusses his experience with a 5-year Bowdoin/MIT program, comparing both schools, and identifies the adjustments he made in transitioning to each. Todd tells a hazing story from his time as an Alpha Delta Phi pledge and describes the various social events hosted by the fraternity. He speaks of interactions with close friend and classmate Roger Howell, Jr., as well as anecdotes about some of his favorite professors: William Root, Charles Livingston, and Roy LaCasce. He also touches upon other aspects of campus life, mentioning the Alpha Rho Upsilon fraternity, his time as a violinist with the Brunswick Choral Society, and his involvements with the track and debate teams.

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