Interview with Nessa Reifsnyder (Class of 1986) by Emma Kellogg

Nessa Reifsnyder (photo credit: Emma Kellogg)

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Emma Kellogg (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Nessa Reifsnyder (Class of 1986) describes feeling “a little out of step” while transitioning from urban life in New York City to Brunswick, despite the summers she had spent in Northern Maine. She talks about finding a strong support system in the fraternity Alpha Delta Phi, whose culture felt “evolved” compared to the rest of campus. She discusses feeling “disaffected” from the College’s academic life. She reminisces about the important life lessons she learned during her time in the fraternity, especially about interpersonal skills and feminism. Reifsnyder speaks about finding a grounding comfort in the “working class element” of Brunswick. Finally, she discusses her role in the negotiations between Bowdoin and ADP when the College decided to phase out fraternities.

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