Interview with Todd Caulfield (Class of 1989) by Emma Kellogg

Todd Caulfield at Reunion 2019 (photo credit: Ellery Harkness)

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Emma Kellogg (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Todd Caulfield (Class of 1989) talks about the insecurities he felt coming to Bowdoin, in terms of both his academic preparedness and the College’s lack of socio-economic diversity. He describes how he found his social footing through the fraternity system, the sailing team, and the theater department. Reflecting further on fraternities, Caulfield remembers a tension between the independent and initiated members of campus and discusses his own choice to remain independent rather than initiate fully into Zeta Psi. Additionally, he speaks about how he spent his time and how he came to major in Biochemistry. Finally, Caulfield speaks about the ethics and implicit lessons he feels he absorbed through his time at Bowdoin and their lasting impact on his life.

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