Interview with Joan Britt (Class of 1979) by Emma Kellogg

Joan Britt at Reunion 2019 (photo credit: Ellery Harkness)

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Emma Kellogg (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Joan Britt (Class of 1979) talks about falling in love with Bowdoin while visiting her older brother when he was a student. After matriculating, she joined Chi Psi fraternity as a social member, was a student representative for the Economics department, and spent time as a volunteer Sunday school teacher. She speaks about her studies as an Economics major and the relationships she built with her professors and mentors. Britt also reflects on being a member of one of the early coeducated classes and the slight feeling of “second class citizenship” she sensed on campus, especially in the fraternities. Additionally, she talks about her year abroad in Vienna and reintegrating back into the Bowdoin community afterward.

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