Interview with Edward Langbein (Class of 1957) by Emma Kellogg

Edward Langbein at Reunion 2019 (photo credit: Ellery Harkness)

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Emma Kellogg (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Edward “Ed” Langbein, Jr. (Class of 1957) describes adjusting to Bowdoin’s small size and the freedom of college life. He discusses rushing Alpha Tau Omega, fraternity culture, and two stories of hazing which included excursions called “Quests.” Langbein speaks about participating in the White Key, an interfraternity sports organization, and rising through the managerial ranks of the football team. Additionally, he comments on the events and atmosphere of Ivies weekend, having helped to plan it one year. He reminisces on the faculty and staff who mentored and supported him and offers advice to current and future Bowdoin students.

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