This project provides Bowdoin alumni an opportunity to share stories from their time at the College via brief oral history interviews conducted by Special Collections & Archives staff. Interviewees are encouraged to recount stories of what brought them to the College, pre-orientation trip memories, campus life, study abroad, and the people that shaped their Bowdoin experience, from fellow students to faculty and staff.

Interviews are sorted by year recorded.


Submissions from 2018

Interview with David Anderson (Class of 1955) and Phoebe Girard by Ben Bousquet, David Anderson and Phoebe Girard

Interview with Jean Brountas (Class of 1983) by Ben Bousquet, Jean Brountas

Interview with Ken Carpenter (Class of 1958), Deborah Jenson (Class of 1983), and Jim Jenson (Class of 1982) by Ben Bousquet, Ken Carpenter, Deborah Jenson, and Jim Jenson

Interview with JoAnn Chrisman (Class of 1973) by Ben Bousquet, JoAnn Chrisman

Interview with Jon Fuller (Class of 1968) and Beverly Fuller by Ben Bousquet, Jon Fuller and Beverly Fuller

Interview with Mariya Ilyas (Class of 2013) by Ben Bousquet, Mariya Ilyas

Interview with Edward Koch (Class of 1958) by Ben Bousquet, Edward Koch

Interview with Abdullah Muhammad (Class of 1973) by Ben Bousquet, Abdullah Muhammad

Interview with Whitney Sanford (Class of 1983) by Ben Bousquet, Whitney Sanford

Interview with Paul Todd (Class of 1958) by Ben Bousquet, Paul Todd

Interview with Jane Warren (Class of 1983) by Ben Bousquet, Jane Warren