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Aisha Rickford (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Paul Wiley ‘71 talks about the “turnkey” moment that led him to know Bowdoin was where he wanted to go to college: when visiting Bowdoin as a prospective student, an incredible snowstorm hit Maine and he and his father arrived very late in the night Wiley talks about how surprised he was that Harry Warren, the Secretary of the College, was still awake waiting for them and made sure that they had everything they needed. Building upon this, Wiley shares some of the most important and impactful relationships he made at Bowdoin, particularly his football coach, who acted as a father figure, a gentle and forceful leader, and a great motivator. Wiley also talks about his special relationship with one of the Presidents of the College, Roger Howell, attending Bowdoin College with former College president Barry Mills ‘72, and being the first House Manager of AfAm.

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