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Marcus Williams (Class of 2021)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Alvin Hall ’74 begins with a brief anecdote on how he helped bring together Geoffrey Canada and Stanley Druckenmiller to collaborate on the Harlem’s Children Zone. Druckenmiller was a friend of Hall’s roommate at Bowdoin, and Canada a member of the Afro-American Society. A couple years after graduation, Hall ran into Canada on the streets of New York and shared that Druckenmiller had recently come into good fortune. The rest is history. Hall remembers fondly how close the Bowdoin community was when he was a student. He spent many nights in the John B. Russwurm Center, where black students could come together for community. Hall recounts his involvement with the Society during his four years as a student. He took part in several protests, including a silent strike, where black students advocated for more people of color in the faculty and student body.

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