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Aisha Rickford (Class of 2020)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Robert Johnson, Class of 1971, talks about his first visit to Bowdoin in 1967 with a friend, and being involved with BUCRO, the Bowdoin Undergraduate Civil Rights Organization. There, he met Virgil Logan, president of BUCRO and an instrumental face on campus and in the Bowdoin African American Society. Johnson details how Afam came about after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr out of a desire to form community. Johnson then became the first President of the AfroAm at Bowdoin College. Johnson talks about how critical AfAm was for him and fellow black students isolated from their respective communities and drove black students to organize, and change racist systems. He shares stories of activism and resistance carried out on campus, specifically one where the black students on campus went silent and marched across campus to protest the lack of action on part of the Bowdoin administration as far as ensuring racial diversity in future classes. He also talks about racial incidents at Bowdoin and how Bowdoin shaped him in the years during and after graduation.

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