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Marcus Williams (Class of 2021)

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Brunswick, Maine

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George Khaldun ’73 came to Bowdoin from New York at the suggestion of a mentor, the director of a library where Kahldun had worked part-time in high school. He shares that he was at first apprehensive of moving to Maine but decided to apply since it would provide a change of pace from the inner city. He discusses his political affiliation as a Black Panther and the comradery he felt in finding others at Bowdoin who shared his revolutionary beliefs. Kahldun found these men in the Afro-American Society, where he could connect with black people from across the country. He says this community helped hone his political beliefs but also adjust to the rigors of Bowdoin academics. Kahldun admits to struggling during his first year, after finding support in the Society, he was able to succeed in school.

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