Daniel Levine


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Marina Henke (Class of 2019)

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Brunswick, Maine

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Daniel Levine shares stories from his time working as the Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of History and Political Science between 1963 and 2006. As the first professor to teach a course directly addressing themes of black Americans, Levine charts his own path towards topics of racial injustice and the civil rights movement, beginning as a Jewish American growing up in New York City. He details Bayard Rustin’s visit to campus in 1964 and how the civil rights activist enthusiastically interacted with members of the black student body. Levine describes the environment of his classrooms, and how both he and students embarked on unchartered territory towards exploring elements of the academic cannon that the College had been reluctant to delve into. Levine shares stories of his other colleagues at the time, including Randy Stakeman, Professor of History and Africana Studies.

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